Snatch Me

Color: Black

Do You want to lose a few inches around your waist? Or do you need an undergarment for your clothes so you can be snatched with hourglass curves when you walk outside? Well, this is the perfect waist trainer for you. You will have a flatter stomach, decreased appetite, and improved posture. 

This latex waist trainer features a three-row hook. The flexible boning provides the structure that allows the latex cincher to help you correct your posture, and it also helps to avoid the cincher from rolling up when you seat or move. The breathable cotton interior allows all-day comfort and control.
The 3 hook rows allow for size adjustment when you need more pressure which results in losing inches off of your waist.

Please read the sizing chart
  • To properly choose your size measure your waistline in inches or centimeters. 


  • Three Hook feature allowing you to adjust as your waistline slims down.
  • Premium quality latex material
  • Breathable Cotton interior allowing comfort for movement.
  • Long-torso friendly which maximizes waist training results and control.
  • The latex layer will increase your abdominal area temperature (Sauna Effect), it will cause you to sweat and reshape and reduce fat deposits. The inner layer has been designed to absorb sweat so that you will not feel uncomfortable.



  • Must be worn 6-8 hours daily for instant and maximum results.
  • If worn consistently for 4 weeks you'll lose four inches off of your waist.
  • Light exercise or diet is recommended for maximum and faster results. but it's not required.

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